14th July 2018

Managing Mites


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Keeping your hen house clean and mite free

Hen house hygiene is so important to prevent the spread of disease, control parasites and keep your hens healthy and happy.  Your cleaning routine should reflect the high temperatures we are experiencing at the moment, as the warm weather is creating a breeding ground for bacteria and the perfect conditions for mites!  Your coop should always be well ventilated but if possible try  to encourage as much airflow as you can. Using a specialist disinfectant during your regular weekly clean will help to control bacteria, ensuring you scrape off all droppings and treat the area underneath. Mites love the warm weather too can can be found hiding in any cracks, along roost perches and in nesting boxes ready to feast off your chickens at night.  A dust bath and treatment with Dynomite with help to control mites on your chickens but if they are returning to a mite infested coop the problem will continue.  The life cycle of mites is only 5-7 days, each mite can lay more than 100,000 eggs during that time, so treatment must be repeated and ongoing to completely eradicate them.  The coop should be sprayed at least once or twice a week for several weeks, or as directed by each individual product, in conjunction with treating your hens directly.  Pop in store for more help and advice on keeping chickens and information on the full range of chicken health care products.