14th July 2018

Keeping cool

Keeping Cool

As higher temperatures return this week, keeping your animals cool and hydrated has to be a top priority.  All animals should be provided with shade from direct sun light, sounds so simple but it’s amazing how many people neglect this necessity. If it’s not possibly to provide shade consider bring your animals indoors during the heat of the day.  Animals have different ways of cooling themselves down dogs, for example dogs pant whereas horses, like us, sweat but regardless of how they cool down providing a constant supply of fresh water is a must for any animal. Avoid walking your dog during the heat of the day and even when the air is cooler consider talking a travel water bottle with you to keep your dog fully hydrated. Cool wet towels can be laid over hot dogs to bring their body temperature down much like the cool jackets available for dogs.

To keep your horse hydrated, salt is as important as water and a salt lick should be placed in your horse’s field or stable. In really hot weather it’s also a great idea to add an extra bucket of water with a couple of scoops of electrolytes in it to replace valuable salts and minerals lost through sweating. As with dogs, horses will appreciate a cool wash down with the hose or a bucket and sponge.

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