5th April 2019

Baby Talk

Spring time babies

It's that time of year when fields and farm yards are filled with the sounds of lambs and cheeping of chicks, and at Sandwich Animals Feeds we have all of the essentials for your newest arrivals.


As well as, ewe nuts and lamb creep with also have your basic lambing supplies covered with Sheppardess milk, Volostrum, Lifeline, castration rings, stock marker, bottles and tubes.


Keep your hens healthy with Duffields Layers Pellets or Farmgates Layers Pellets and Mash. For your chicks we have chick crumbs to start them off, adding growers pellets at 6 weeks, ready to switch full to growers pellets at 9 weeks. Also available feeders, grit and treats.

Its the perfect time of year for an animal house spring clean to get rid of all of the dirt that has built up over the winter months. Disinfecting not only helps with bacteria build up but can also help to protect against certain viruses, essential when we welcoming new arrivals to the flock.

Virkon™ S is the breakthrough disinfectant formulation that defines on farm biosecurity. With powerful, proven performance against over 500 strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi including Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Avian Influenza, Salmonella and Campylobacter, Virkon™ S is selected by governments worldwide for Emergency Disease Control.

Barrier V1 Spray Disinfectant is a unique, multi-purpose solution, formulated to eradicated cases of all known bacteria, including mould and fungi. The disinfectant spray can be used on hard surfaces inside and outside the home, eliminating strong odours quickly and working to kill bacteria before it spreads.

Equimins Hen House Freshener keep your chicken house clean and whiff-free with this Hen House Freshener. This safe, long lasting, powder disinfectant will help to kill germs and eliminate nasty odours quickly and easily. Simply sprinkle onto the cleanly swept floor of the housing as often as required to eliminate bad smells.

Equimins Microlat Stable Disinfectant produced from essential oils, a disinfectant that can kill dust bearing bacteria.